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Some of you may not know that I’ve stayed quite active online since both the YouTube and Twitter purges; this message is to announce that I’m taking a hiatus from social media. This decision has been contemplated for a while now and now feels like the appropriate time. There is no singular reason I could give as to why and it’ll make more sense as we go. I want to state that until further notice, any accounts acting like me or using my handle/avatar on whatever social media, that is not exclusively approved on this website, are not official.

I may get into the weeds at some point as to why I made this choice, but the main reasons are that God has been pressing this on my heart for some time now, I have some current projects I want to see through to completion, plus needing to take care of priorities IRL. I would also be doing a disservice to those expecting and well-deserving of a two-way street that should come with being social on the internet; I have failed in this regard before, and I have to quit setting myself up to do it again.

Any and all updates will be exclusively confirmed through this website, which its construction is nearly complete, and then the new chapter begins. Hopefully you’ll be here for it but if not, Godspeed to you and your interweb travels. Many of you have made a forever impact on my life, and I would fail right out the gate in trying to thank all of you individually for whatever part of this journey we’ve been able to share together.

There’s no specific date set, so my best advice is to sign up for the mailing list below or at the very least bookmark this site. I’ll be over here doing the thing with the stuff so we can get weird sooner rather than later. Until next time, cheers.